There are so many advantages to renting/leasing your office equipment. These include:

No Deposit Required No deposit is required when renting or leasing equipment
Equipment Obsolescence & Disposal No need to get stuck with out of date equipment. You can return your equipment to Futurepay at the end of the term.
End of Term Options You can upgrade to new technology and return the old equipment, continue renting the same equipment for a reduced rental, or pay a fee and keep the equipment.
Cash Flow Benefits Renting or Leasing preserves your cash-flow, allowing you to spread the cost of the equipment over the term of the agreement while your equipment generates income for you today.
Tax Advantages All payments are 100% tax deductable, provided the equipment is for business use
Easier Accounting You do not have to depreciate the asset on your balance sheet. All monthly payments appear as an expense on your companys profit and loss statement. Payments are 100% fixed for the term of the loan and are not affected by any movements in interest rates, making budgeting easier.
Off Balance Sheet Reporting Operating leases generally qualify for off balance sheet reporting
Unsecured Facility Rental transactions are not secured against your personal or business assets. We only take security over the asset that we finance.
Flexibility You have the flexibility to upgrade your equipment, add or remove equipment during the term of the agreement. Conditions apply.
Residual or Balloon No residual payments
GST GST on monthly payments can be claimed through BAS statements

The information above should be used as a guide only. Please contact your Financial Advisor or Accountant.

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